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Our mission

ERNW Research is an independent IT Security service provider based in Heidelberg, Germany. Since its founding in 2015, the focus of ERNW Research has been on performing Research projects in all areas of IT security - publicly funded projects in cooperation with universities, customer projects, as well as internal research projects.

Our goal is to perform cutting edge research to preserve excellence, and apply our knowledge and research results in highly technical projects for our customers.

Particular fields of attention are the areas of Incident Response, Forensic Computing, Malware Analysis, and Medical Device Security, as well as advanced security assessments.


  • Publicly Funded Research Projects

    Following our knowledge-driven company culture, we offer research services to work on both scientific and pragmatic problems in the IT security space. Past funded research activities focused on Security Awareness, Digital Forensics, Reverse Engineering & Vulnerability Analysis, and telecommunications security. Future activities are coordinated by ERNW Research.

  • Incident Response & Forensic Reports

    We support our customers in implementing incident response processes/preparation as well as in analyzing occurred or suspected incidents. Following common incident response process models, we offer the development of incident preparation plans, immediate and on-site incident response and malware analysis, as well as the compilation of technical forensic reports.

  • Medical Device Security

    The environment of a healthcare provider is highly specialized. Various audiences with individual backgrounds, expectations and needs use and rely on a variety of medical devices. A defective or manipulated medical device may be a massive threat to a patient’s life and may lead to serious harm. This is why ERNW offers medical device security. We customize methodologies to cover more medicine-exclusive topics such as the interoperability of the devices concerning medical communication standards such as HL7.

  • Security Assessment Services

    We provide advanced security such as penetration testing, red teaming, and (closed-source) product evaluations. While we have developed many defined testing methodologies for different technologies, we mainly focus on highly technical and individual assessments, applying results from our latest research and attacks that we observe in the wild in the incidents in which we support our customers.

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May 25, 2023

IMF Conference 2023 in Munich

The IMF Conference is the International Conference on IT Security Incident Management & IT Forensics. This year it took place from May 23 to 24 in Munich. The schedule lists a lot of interesting talks. One of the talks was my presentation on a paper about Ceph forensics, based on my Master Thesis:

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